Month: February 2018

3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Stripe in 2018

Despite the improvements made in technology over the years, money transfer remains a real pain point for many users. This is especially true when you consider international money transfers. Some countries don’t support popular payment services such as PayPal, leaving people to go for conventional services like Western Union. That’s where Stripe comes in. To put it simply, Stripe is a global credit card processor that nearly anyone can use to receive payments from across the globe. Using Stripe payments can also keep the pace with the speed of services you might provide. Stripe can be

Top 3 Marketplaces for Web Designers in 2018

The internet is a great place to earn a respectable amount of money. If you’ve got a knack for web design then you should definitely look into putting that to use in some original themes and website templates. If you’re prepared to go the extra mile for better returns, consider learning Wordpress theme development. There’s a huge market for Wordpress themes and if you’re confident in your ability to create designs that will attract people, a huge opportunity awaits you. When it comes to online marketplaces where you can actually sell these themes and templates, there are actually

Top 3 Community Websites for Designers in 2018

As a designer it is always important to keep exploring new design ideas and improving your current design aesthetics. And there are now complete design community websites that are dedicated to bringing designers from all over the world in one place. Design community websites are a great way of interacting with other designers and looking at their work. Not only that, but you’ll often find employers searching these websites for their next superstar designer. Design community websites also allow you to have a professional portfolio, which can be a great way to showcase your work. If you