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WP Installer

Admin Dashboard

The WP Installer add-on can handle 3 different sources of repository:

  • WordPress.org (SVN)
  • Public Github Repo (Git)
  • Private Github Repo via access token (Git)

After deploying a WP Package the subscriber will then be notified when the new version of a repository is available for upgrade.

User Dashboard

The WP Installer adds a tab named “WP Scripts” to the user Dashboard offering additional WordPress Packaging functionalities.

Deliver interdependent scripts

The add-on allows to deliver a theme with plugin dependencies or interdependent plugins without a theme.

Centralized maintenance

The add-on allows a subscriber to maintain the package directly from the user dashboard of the distribution platform.

Edit WP Installer

Open Source & Premium Scripts

WP Installer allows the user to add an open source or premium script (theme or plugin) to an installer package.

Add dependency to WP Installer

Download & Deploy

The service subscribers can deploy directly on their servers by downloading the package and installing it like any other wordpress plugin.

Download WP Installer

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