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After the LTPLE Client plugin is successfully installed on your CMS the Recuweb Server information must be completed from the General Settings section of the plugin.

Server URL

The Editor end point on the server side plugin.

Client Key

A key given to you to authenticate the client side plugin requests.

Host URL (deprecated)

The end point of our domain name provider in case you would like to provide customization of hosted templates with dedicated domain name.
Hosting of static contents and domain name management are now handled directly from LTPLE server via the AWS S3 API. The price and renewal of the domain names are handled by Recuweb on a yearly basis.

Support Email

The email of the person who will be doing the plugin and editor maintenance client side. It is usually a member of Recuweb’s IT department.

Analytics ID

The Google Analytics ID to be added in the pages generated by the LTPLE client plugin.

Post Types

LTPLE allows you to use your own templates to customize posts and pages. With these options you can enable and disable the back-end gallery during the editing of certain post types.

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