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Local Pages

The Live Editor allows you to use a Hosted Page template to design a local page or any other custom post type.

Enable LTPLE for a custom post type

First you need to make sure that the type of page you want to customize is enabled.

To do so, from the backend of your distribution website go to Live Editor > General Settings and check the required post types:

Start a Page from a Hosted Template

Once the custom post type is enabled for Live Editing start a new page and populate only the title to acquire a page ID:

Once the page is created you will see the Default Layer metabox. Selecting one of the hosted templates from your gallery will auto-populate the template ID:

Edit your Custom Page

After updating the post the library will be replaced by a blue button “Edit with LTPLE”. To edit your custom page with Live Template Editor click the button:

LTPLE will open in wp-admin and you will be able to edit the template the same way your customers do from Frontend. To save the page click “Save”:

Additional settings

Page Attributes

You can choose to integrate the template into the current Theme or display only the page content in full width.

Select “LTPLE Full Page” in Page Attributes to change the way your page is displayed:

Exclude Resources

In order to avoid conflict between the current Theme and the Template being used, you can prevent some JS resources to be included into the local page.

To do so, select a JS resource in Live Editor > Web Resources > JS and switch “Skip local pages” option:

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