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Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is a web application allowing Web Designers, Template Resellers and Vendors to turn a portfolio of templates (HTML, PSD, PDF...) into a fully featured Software as a Service (SaaS). Product delivery The editing experience can be delivered by LTPLE default editors but the a standalone application can also be integrated to the SaaS Platform. Default Editors LTPLE allows you to edit multiple types of templates and deliver the output in different formats depending on the use case: HTML Editors Inline Style ( HTML only ) Style Sheet ( HTML + CSS ) Hosted Page


Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is implemented by pointing the domain name of your distribution website to the Nameserver of our Application Service Provider (ASP).  Depending on the Service-Level Agreement (SLA), the data may be stored on your side or directly by LTPLE. Feel free to contact us for further information about the