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Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is a web application based on WordPress allowing Web Designers and Template Resellers to turn a portfolio of pre-built templates into a fully featured SaaS (Software as a Service).

Partnership agreements

Recuweb offers 2 types of agreements for the distribution of LTPLE. The vendor agreement or the partner agreement,  both providing you, your team and your users with a consistently improving tool, maintenance, and technical support.

Vendor agreement

With the vendor agreement you own the distribution website and pay Recuweb a monthly fee for the software delivery,  maintenance, technical support and addons.  

Partner agreement

With the partner agreement you are co-owner of the distribution website with Recuweb and share both costs and profits accordingly.  

Product delivery

  LTPLE can deliver your edited templates to the final user under 4 types of outputs:
  • Inline Style ( HTML only )
  • Style Sheet ( HTML + CSS )
  • Hosted Page ( downloadable archive )
  • Canvas ( PNG screenshot )

Inline Style

The Inline Style output is used to provide templates in the case where only HTML code is accepted such as for instance email models or other limited customizable areas of third party applications.

Style Sheet

The Style Sheet output allows the final user to format the HTML part of the template with CSS selectors and copy / paste HTML and CSS separately. This solution is often used  in the case where the template must be included together with another template or in more advanced customizable areas of third party applications.

Hosted Page

The Hosted Page output allow the final user to download an archive containing all the files and resources necessary to fully render the template (html, javascript, style sheet, images, readme…). This output is used to provide landing pages, full websites and any other multi-part templates.


The Canvas output produces a PNG screenshot of the preview area. This output is used in the case where an image content can be built using HTML and CSS components such as for instance image based marketing campaigns or memes.Tags , , , , ,
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