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Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is a web application allowing Web Designers, Template Resellers and Vendors to turn a portfolio of templates (HTML, PSD, PDF…) into a fully featured Software as a Service (SaaS).

Product delivery

The editing experience can be delivered by LTPLE default editors but the API of a third party editor can also be integrated to the SaaS Platform.

Default Editors

LTPLE can deliver your edited templates to the user under 6 default outputs:

Standalone Editor

A standalone third party editor can easily be integrated to the SaaS platform allowing you to deliver your own Editor as a service without the complexity of developing a full platform around it.

Partnership agreements

Recuweb offers 2 types of agreements for the distribution of LTPLE. The vendor agreement or the partner agreement,  both providing you, your team and your users with a consistently improving tool, maintenance, and technical support.

Vendor agreement

With the vendor agreement you own the distribution website and pay Recuweb a monthly fee for the software delivery,  maintenance, technical support and addons.

Partner agreement

With the partner agreement you are co-owner of the distribution website with Recuweb and share both costs and profits accordingly.

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