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Default Templates

The following article explains how it is possible for the owner of a distribution web site to add a new template to the frontend gallery.

The default template is the starting point of any project. It can only be edited by administrators and moderators of the platform and it is composed of multiple parts:

x5 main template fields

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Static Content
  • Custom Elements

x3 libraries of importable resources

  • CSS Library
  • JS Library
  • Element Library

x4 gallery settings

  • Template Type
  • Template Range
  • Editor Implementation
  • Feature Image

Multiple optional fields

  • Template Margin
  • Template Visibility

Default templates can be added from the backend. To add a new default template follow the procedure below:

1 – Log in the admin dashboard.

2 – Under Live Editor, click on Default Contents.

3 – A page with a list of templates will appear. Click on Add New to create a new template.

4 – The next page contains the main template fields, together with your JS, CSS and Element  libraries and other optional fields.

5 – For your new template to be added to the gallery and plans select the template type and range accordingly.

Before publishing the template, it is necessary to click on the checkboxes for element library, CSS library, JS library, Font library.

6 – After adding the contents and checking necessary options, move further to theeditor implementation to choose the type of editor output:

  • Inline Style
  • Style Sheet
  • Hosted Page
  • Downloadable
  • Screenshot

For information about template settings go here.

7 – Finally your default template is ready to be released by clicking on the publish button.

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