Turning a library of Vector Graphics into SaaS

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The collaboration

In a recent collaboration, RECUWEB INC announces the completion of the Mandala Editor, a transformative project developed in partnership with MANDALAS LIFE INC through a strategic vendor agreement.

Leveraging the innovative Live Template Editor for SaaS distribution (LTPLE), this initiative marks a significant milestone, empowering graphic designers by opening new avenues for artistic expression through SVG distribution as a service.

About the editor

This SVG Editor is a user-friendly platform that accommodates creative enthusiasts of all skill levels.

It serves as an artistic toolkit, ready to be accessed via web browser whenever inspiration strikes.

The Mandala Editor allows seamless element manipulation for mandala structure adjustments, a diverse selection of pre-made designs to spark creativity, an expansive library of elements for customization, precision-enhancing grids, an outline tool for foundational sketches, a colorize feature for personalized aesthetics, and efficient export and modification options, enabling easy adjustments, high-definition exports, and project-saving capabilities.