Turning a library of Vector Graphics into SaaS

SVG Editor The collaboration In a recent collaboration, RECUWEB INC announces the completion of the Mandala Editor, a transformative project developed in partnership with MANDALAS LIFE INC through a strategic vendor agreement. Leveraging the innovative Live Template Editor for SaaS distribution (LTPLE), this initiative marks a significant milestone, empowering graphic designers by opening new avenues for artistic expression through SVG distribution as a service. About the editor This SVG Editor is a user-friendly platform that accommodates creative enthusiasts of all skill levels. It

The journey from digital products to SaaS

The journey from digital products to SaaS This post relate to the early time of "Live Template Editor" brought out by Raphaël Dartigues, founder of RECUWEB In order to better understand the motivation behind the story, I think it would be helpful to provide a little bit of context regarding the tool. Live Template Editor commonly known as LTPLE is a web application based on WordPress allowing web professionals and template resellers to turn a portfolio of digital products into a fully featured SaaS. Business Idea & Partnership In 2018 I made the acquaintance of Dan a wonderful Web Designer who later became my

3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Stripe in 2018

Despite the improvements made in technology over the years, money transfer remains a real pain point for many users. This is especially true when you consider international money transfers. Some countries don’t support popular payment services such as PayPal, leaving people to go for conventional services like Western Union. That’s where Stripe comes in. To put it simply, Stripe is a global credit card processor that nearly anyone can use to receive payments from across the globe. Using Stripe payments can also keep the pace with the speed of services you might provide. Stripe can be