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Streaming Overlay ( HTML + Controller )

Editor view of an advanced video overlay

Editor view of an advanced video overlay

The Streaming Overlay output is used to provide a single endpoint in the case where an overlay url is placed on top of a video stream via a cross-platform streaming software such as OBS.

This solution allows the final user to customize the design and interact in real time with the overlay to trigger actions and animations.

Design customization

The design of the overlay can be customize with the HTML editor and saved for further use.

Actions & Animations

Unique actions and animations can be implemented from the backend by the vendor using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Backend overlay actions and animations

Backend overlay actions and animations

The animations are then activated by the final user in real time via a mobile friendly remote controller.

Remote controller

Remote controller

Advance implementation

A WebSocket enables the communication between the overlay and the remote controller allowing a real time interaction with the video stream.

This implementation can be used for advance cases where a game is played by one user or more directly inside the video stream.

Third party APIs such as Twitter can also be plugged into the stream via the WebSocket.

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