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Live Template Editor (LTPLE) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted by the Recuweb company.

As a provider of the designs, templates and support you will be reselling the LTPLE license to your customers through the LTPLE Client plugin.

Recuweb provides you, your team and your customers with a consistently improving tool, maintenance, and technical support. In addition for that the Recuweb company manages licenses, customer accesses, and monthly subscriptions via Stripe or Paypal.

A Payout is  done by Recuweb to your account every week above $200 of gross income. If you have a Stripe account you have the ability to connect it and manage customers and subscriptions directly from your own Stripe account. In that case no payout is required because Recuweb will be commissioned during the process.

For the moment LTPLE Client plugin is compatible with only one CMS:

  • WordPress

If you want to start selling subscriptions to your customers and don’t see your favorite CMS in the above list please contact us.

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