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      LTPLE is looking for distribution partners and vendors.

      Here comes a list of available niche markets to start distributing HTLM and CSS live editing via LTPLE.

      If you are interested in developing a business around these niches please contact us here or by email:

      – Performers (music, show, DJ…)

      – Tattooists

      – Photographers

      – Hairdressers & Barbers

      – Body Builders (fitness, fight)

      – Marketers (media kit, affiliate)

      – Email templates + mass mailing

      – Form templates + data storage

      – Legal & Politics

      – CV online + LinkedIn

      – Video bloggers (Youtubers)

      – Wedding websites

      – Boat owners (rental, tourism, trip…)

      – Property owners (Airbnb)

      – Poker players

      – Personal trainers (Yoga, fitness, fight)

      – Handicrafters (painting, furniture, fashion)


      If you have any other idea in mind feel free to post your suggestions

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